A Visit from St. Nicholas!

St. Nicholas and his companion, Knecht Ruprecht, will be here this Friday, Dec. 6th at 6pm to visit with kids of all ages! The German St. Nicholas visits children to find out if they’ve been good and deserve treats, or if they’ve been naughty and deserve unwelcome gifts of coal, sticks, and stones. In Germany, children put empty boots out on the evening before St. Nicholas Day, hoping to find them filled to the brim with presents in the morning.

Knecht Ruprecht is St. Nicholas’ most familiar attendant in Germany. He is a servant and helper whose face is sooty from going down chimneys leaving children’s treats. He carries the sack of presents and a rod for disobedient children. “Just wait until Ruprecht comes” is still a common threat in German homes.

Stop in and visit with St. Nicholas  and Ruprecht while you get some of your Christmas shopping done!