Karl’s is pleased to ship our sausages and grocery products to you.
Please review our shipping policies for more details.
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We are now shipping the following products:

  • Within Massachusetts: All grocery products, all fresh meat products, all cooked sausages and smoked products – in short everything!
  • Outside of Massachusetts: All grocery products and all fresh meat products. We also will ship anything that we purchase from other sources that are already USDA inspected. These include the following: Coarse Bratwurst, Rost Bratwurst, Nurnberger Bratwurst, Italian Sausages, Maple wood smoked Bacon, Daisy hams, Salami, Black Forest Ham, etc.


We can NOT ship the following products outside of Massachusetts:

Hot Chorizo
Nitrate-Free Frankfurters
Garlic Salami
German Bologna
Soft Salami
Kokkorv                                                   Weisswurst
Leberkäse (Veal Loaf)
Onion Bologna
Pressed Ham
Ring Bologna
Smoked Bratwurst
Fresh Polish
Smoked Polish
Smoked Pork Chops

All sausages will be shipped frozen with ice packs to ensure that they arrive cold.  Sausages will only be shipped on Tuesday, Wednesdays and Thursdays to ensure that they arrive before the weekend. Please make arrangements to be home to receive the package when it is delivered. We do not require a signature for delivery, so FedEx will often leave the box on a porch or front steps.

Shipping Policy

Karl’s Sausage Kitchen ships with Fed Ex and the United States Postal Service (USPS). We do not ship to Canada or internationally. Depending on where you live and what we are shipping, we will select the least expensive method to get your order to you. We accept Mastercard, Visa, American Express, and Discover.

Perishable and Heat-Sensitive

During extreme warm weather we will not ship perishable or heat sensitive products. Sausage and other perishables (chocolate, gummies, etc.) are shipped frozen overnight and with medical ice packs to assure freshness and guarantee your satisfaction. We ship perishables on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursday with Fed Ex Overnight for next day delivery. All orders received after Wednesday will be shipped on the following Tuesday.

Please let us know what is your preferred delivery date and we will aim to ship so that it will be delivered on this date, however please keep in mind that once the package leaves our site the delivery is out of our control. You should select a delivery date and location so that someone is available to accept the package and then quickly refrigerate it. We do not require signatures but do ask that if you are expecting a package that you check often to see if it was delivered, the delivery person may not ring the doorbell. We do keep an eye for major storms and will not ship products during this time.

We have no hidden costs. We charge $4.95 handling fee for each order. This covers our usage of insulated bubble wrap, reusable ice packs and all other packaging materials and labor. We charge you our discounted shipping charges for the weight of your box and zip code.

The chart below is a rough estimate of the shipping cost for perishable products. This chart is for estimating purposes, we will use the actual shipping cost provided by Fed Ex.


Orders for Non-perishables are shipped when ready, Tuesday through Friday. We can ship using the US Mail or Fed Ex. We will check rates of both services before selecting the best method for your order. If you have a preference please let us know at the time of your order.

We ship non-perishables on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursday and Fridays. All orders received on Friday will be shipped on the following Tuesday.

We have no hidden costs. We charge $2.95 handling fee for each non-perishable. This covers our materials and labor. We charge you our discounted shipping charges for the weight of your box and zip code.

Ordering and Payment Options

We strive to make your order as easy as possible, while providing you with the greatest selection of products. Please call us to talk with one of our staff to place an order. We are available during our regular store hours for orders.


Our standard hours are: Sunday – Wednesday 9am to 6pm, Thursday – Saturday 9am to 8pm.

Christmas Shipping

If you are planning an order for Christmas, please remember to order early. Orders should be placed before December 10th to arrive for Christmas. We are a small family run business will do our best to get your orders out for the holidays but we will reach a point in which we will need to stop taking orders for shipping. This allows us to ensure your satisfaction. Please allow for extra processing time after October 15th. Many of our imported Christmas items arrive in late October, please order early to ensure the best selection and time for shipping. We will continue to take orders for pick up in the store until Christmas Eve.

Questions or Comments regarding shipping can be directed to Anita at 978-854-6650 or by email at.

Product and Service Guarantee

We are passionate about our customer satisfaction. If you experience problems with your order, contact us as soon as you receive the package and no later than 14 days from time of delivery. The person who placed the order must contact us in order to request a refund for any damaged products or for items for which you were charged, but which were inadvertently left out of your order. We will refund reasonable requests.

Shipping Estimate Chart


zone map



 NOTE: Northern Maine and Southern New Jersey are ZONE 2

Purchased goods weight 5-7 lbs 7-12 lbs 12-17 lbs
Zone 1   All $15 $17 $18
Martha’s Vineyard, Nantucket, Elizabeth Islands Perishable (1day MUST GO FEDEX AIR) $32 $37 $41
Non-Perishable (2 days) $15 $17 $18
Zone 2   Perishable 1 day $55 $65 $80
      Non-Perishable 2 days $15 $16 $18
Zone 3   Perishable 1 day $68 $85 $100
      Non-Perishable 3 days $17 $21 $24
Zone 4   Perishable 1 day $74 $90 $110
      Non-Perishable 4 days $19 $21 $27
Zone 5   Perishable 1 day $75 $89 $110
      Non-Perishable 5 days $20 $24 $28